The SOTA Community

Why a Community?

Current world-wide political issues limit the information we can share. With that in mind, there is very little we are able to share with you. In order to respect today's political regulatory climate, we decided to create an online Community that would allow us to better determine if our beliefs are similar to yours. The SOTA Community shares some additional information about the SOTA products and provides an opportunity to purchase online.

Learn More about the Politics of Health

What will the SOTA Community offer?

A Shopping Cart and more information on each product including Product Demonstration Videos, Frequently Asked Questions, An Overview to Using the SOTA Units, The SOTA Story, SOTA eNews and more …

How Do I Enter?

We ask you to respond to four statements in order to ensure the SOTA Community is a place for you. Personal information is not required to visit the SOTA Community as a Guest.

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Privacy Policy: Please know we respect your privacy. We do not normally share personal information with anyone. The only exception we would make is if we felt that a company has important information in regards to your interest in the SOTA Products. That company would need to ensure that they would not share your personal information with anyone.

We invite you to join us, to share, care, and learn ... together
SOTA Disclaimer