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Model YL2
$90 USD
The YumaLite offers the health benefits of White and Red light using the modern technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The light is applied gently to the eyes by wearing an easy–to–use visor to help balance the effects many feel during times when there is decreased exposure to natural sunlight.

Whether it’s a change of time zones, short daylight hours in winter, working indoors, or working night shifts … lack of exposure to natural light can impact mood and energy levels. YumaLite helps to re–synchronize your body’s internal rhythms, elevate your mood and revitalize your energy.

In addition, the Red LED light further helps to balance the constant blue light we are exposed to from long hours of staring at computer and cell phone screens as well as flat screen TVs. Many forms of artificial white light contain more light in the blue spectrum than the red, causing us to get over–stimulated affecting our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. The Red light helps to bring balance to the overexposure to blue light, helping to restore our natural circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. Using the YumaLite visor with the Red light, especially in the early evening, helps to balance the ill effects from excessive blue light.

YumaLite is a simple and convenient way to bring light into your life — Your Very Own Personal Sunshine.

YumaLite Model YL2 features a built–in 20–minute timer and an improved design for simpler battery replacement and a sturdier headband.

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