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Russ, co-founder of SOTA

Russ, co-founder of SOTA, demonstrates how to use each of the SOTA Products:
Picture of SP6
Silver Pulser
The SOTA Silver Pulser has two functions - Micropulsing and making Ionic~Colloidal Silver. Micropulsing helps stimulate the body's natural electricity for greater energy and well-being. Ionic~Colloidal Silver can be made easily and inexpensively and supports the body’s natural defenses.
Picture of MP5
Magnetic Pulser
The SOTA Magnetic Pulser offers the benefits of a pulsed magnetic field to help balance the body's natural electricity for health.
Picture of WOZ5
Water Ozonator
The SOTA Water Ozonator offers the benefits of freshly made ozonated water. The fresh taste and extra oxygen are an energizing way to hydrate your body.
Picture of BT9
Bio Tuner
The SOTA Bio Tuner uses harmonic frequencies to help create an inner sense of calm, balance and tranquility.
Picture of LW1
The SOTA LightWorks combines the ancient wisdom of color and light with the frequencies and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) of modern technology to gently awaken the body’s natural tendency towards health and well-being.
Picture of YL2
The SOTA YumaLite offers a simple yet effective way to balance the full-spectrum of light and assist with lack of energy and low spirits often associated with lack of sunlight.

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