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About UsThe InventorThe SOTA StoryThe Political StoryThe SOTA TeamThe SOTA ValuesThe SOTA Mission Welcome from Russ and Lesley
We are a husband and wife team grateful for the gift of creating SOTA. As caretakers of SOTA, we do our best:
To honor all who touch SOTA;
Russ and Lesley
SOTA Co-Founders
To value each person on the SOTA Team -- their skills, their foibles, their personal life, and their dedication to serve our Customers;
To manufacture units for health, well-being and relaxation, that are of the highest quality, at an affordable price.
The freedom to share information with you has always been
important to us. In the face of restrictive regulations, we see the SOTA Community as a way to share some information about our units.

Thank you -- we deeply appreciate your interest in SOTA.

We invite you to read more about SOTA ...

Russ and Lesley

The Inventor
A gifted individual who became a friend ...
The SOTA Story
How the creativity of a team of people has allowed SOTA to
continue to serve.
The Political Story
Our four-year struggle with government regulators led us to form the SOTA Community. Our saga and our choices ...
The SOTA Team
Discover how team members feel about serving you, working as a team and the company we call SOTA.
The SOTA Values
What guides our quality standards? What guides our donation policy? What guides us as we strive to better serve you?
The SOTA Mission
Our simple but meaningful mission statement …

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